Hormone Replacement


Your problem may be hormone imbalance. Find out.


The symptoms of hormone imbalance – hot flashes, mood swings, chronic fatigue or a lack of sexual desire – can make life less enjoyable and fulfilling. There can be many reasons for a change in a woman’s hormone levels - aging being merely the most common -but the important thing is to determine if hormone imbalance is the reason for your symptoms and what those levels are. There is a simple test that can determine your current hormone levels and help point the way to a better life through bio-identical hormone replacement.


Take the simple saliva test.

Saliva testing is simple and non-invasive, and is considered to be a better indicator of biologically active hormone levels than blood. Providing a sample is easy and can be performed in the privacy of your home. Westmoreland Pharmacy can supply you with a testing kit. The sample is then shipped to the laboratory, with results being returned to Westmoreland Pharmacy and Compounding. At that time we will review them with you. Next, you should discuss your results with your physician to see if bio-identical hormone replacement is recommended. If you would like to work with a physician well versed in hormone imbalance, we can provide you with references.


Need a visit with the Nurse Practitioner?
Westmoreland Pharmacy has partnered with Nurse Practitioner, Sue Jenkins, to provide our customers with another valuable service.  As always, you may see any HRT prescriber you like, should you need an appointment with Sue, please let us know.

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The importance of bio-identical hormones.

Not all replacement hormones are created equal, coming both in bio-identical and synthetic versions. Bio-identical hormones are those that are fabricated in such a way that they mimic the natural hormones found in the body. There can be further hormone treatments better explained in a more complete discussion than is possible in this brief space. We’ll be happy to discuss the topic with you further when you call. At Westmoreland Pharmacy, we work hand in hand with you and your doctor. We formulate a custom solution made just for you to help you feel better. Talk to your doctor about your symptoms or call me for more information. Let’s work together to help you get your life back.

Last Updated: 4/17/2014