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Our Mission here at Westmoreland Pharmacy is to provide service and value above all others. We will strive for the highest prescription quality by continually exercising the tightest quality-control procedures and maintaining equally high standards of continuing education.


To Our Friends and Valued Customers

Westmoreland Pharmacy believes in equality and we believe in justice. We believe in fairness and personal responsibility. We believe all men and women are created equal in the image of God. Westmoreland will stand beside those with similar beliefs and seek to understand those with different ones. Ours is a healthcare company. We treat what’s in the body. The color of the body or the political persuasion has no bearing on our clinical goals and ideals. Westmoreland has been an extremely proud local business welcoming all walks of life. So, please know that I speak for myself, Westmoreland Pharmacy, and on behalf of our wonderful, diverse employees. Insensitive and inappropriate comments will not be tolerated or condoned. Peace be with you all.

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